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Andersons Interiors team of exceptional decorators creates individual, sumptuous furniture pieces that suit the look and feel of your home.

Inspired by you, our decorators create sofas and upholstery, occasional chairs and bar stools, rugs and mats and anything that you could dream of. Custom finishes, custom sizes solid wood and decorative hardware.

Each process for a custom design piece is the same. We meet to blueprint potential designs, find your likes and dislikes and uses for the furniture. We can show you previous designs we have completed, offer suggestions on styles that match your desires and generally gather information to create a custom design best suited to you.

We then present you with a design to consider before moving onto the creation of your unique piece.

During the process, vital features like material options and colours are chosen. We can guide and advise you through this decision-making phase to provide options that will reflect the style and personality that you’re trying to achieve.

Our skilled and experienced craftspeople will then go to work to carve, cut and create the custom furniture piece you envisioned. With the hard work done all that is left is to take your unique piece home to enjoy.

Experts in reupholstery

Every person has a favourite piece of furniture, and there’s nothing better than relaxing in a comfortable, worn-in spot. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever; upholstery can take on stains, and cushioning can break down over time.

The good news is that in most cases, some quick alterations can bring your old chairs and sofas into the 21st century. Reupholstery is an excellent alternative to replacement, particularly if you’re attached to a specific piece of furniture.

At Anderson’s Interiors, we are experts in reupholstery. Our team enjoys bringing new life to older furnishings by fixing or replacing damaged fabrics, adding cushion materials, and removing outdated seams. We can also help you coordinate colour and fabric choices in any interior area. You can choose from hundreds of designer options or match a specific pattern, and whether you need to breathe life into a family heirloom or you’re just not ready to invest in a new sofa, Anderson’s Interiors has the experience and expertise to provide astounding results.

We know the importance of well-maintained furniture, and we’re proud to serve our customers through our excellent reupholstery services. Visit our showroom today!

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